Baby Camel

Baby camel yarn comes from from the soft, warm undercoat of the two-humped Bactrian camel, which lives in cold climates like Mongolia.

The coat can grow thick and fast, but the yarn is spun from the downy fiber on the camel’s underbelly, which the camels naturally shed in the spring.

Camel down is amazingly lightweight, super soft, lustrous, and warm, and blooms beautifully after washing. As far as fineness rating goes, measured in microns, baby camel yarn can be a similar micron count to cashmere.

The Perran Yarns range includes a silk/baby camel blend yarn called Tranquil in both 4ply and lace weights.

Bactrian Camel

Hand-dyed baby camel blend yarns

We hand dye a wide range of repeatable colourways, together with a regular selection of limited edition shades.

Take a look at our shop to see the colours currently available, or contact us if you’d like something specific.

Silk baby camel yarn kits