Answers to frequently asked questions about Perran Yarns and ribbons:

My skein of Perran Yarn has arrived untwisted in a flat parcel; how do I twist it again to keep it tidy in my stash until I use it?

Single skeins of Perran Yarn are posted in a Large Letter box to minimise postage costs. A twisted skein doesn’t fit into a Large Letter size, so I untwist the skein to send it. It’s quick and easy to re-twist the yarn skein – here’s a short video that shows you how.

Can I knit/crochet/weave directly from the skein of yarn?

No – if you try you’ll find that the skein very quickly becomes a tangled mess that will take a long time to recover! You need to wind the yarn skein into a ball first; here are a few ways you can do that.

I bought a yarn blank – do I need to wind it before I start to knit/crochet/weave from it?

A yarn blank is a skein of yarn that has been knitted before dyeing, to give a different dyed result. You can wind the yarn into a ball if you want to, but you don’t need to. You can simply pull on the loose end and pull; directly from the blank as you work your project. The yarn will be kinked but that’ doesn’t matter; once you wash & block your finished item the kinks will disappear.

I bought a pack of sari/chiffon ribbon – if it gets wet will the colour run?

I hand-dye the sari/chiffon silk ribbons in the same way as the silk blend yarns i.e. using professional Jacquard acid dyes and rinsing with Synthrapol to remove any excess. There may very occasionally be a slight tinge from some of the colourways if they get wet, but in general they should be colourfast.

I bought the Light & Lacy Shawl crochet pattern but I’m not sure how to do the setup rows – can you help?

Yes, I have done an illustrated blog post to get you started – see Light & Lacy Shawl Pattern Tips.

Do you have any tips to knit your Flowery Infinity Scarf knit kit?

Yes – I have a blogpost with some helpful points for the project – see 8 helpful tips when you are knitting the Flowery Infinity Scarf

Your kits are sold with various packaging options – what’s the difference?

You can choose your preference of kit packaging depending on whether the kit is for yourself or to be given as a gift. It impacts on the materials used and the shipping cost of the parcel.
Knit or Crochet Kit with no packagingKit with gift packagingTehidy Shawl crochet kit in gift box
No packaging: This option is ideal if you’re buying the kit for yourself. The skein of yarn is untwisted and laid flat on top of the pattern print in a Large Letter box. This minimises packaging and shipping costs. Your postie can pop the Large Letter box through your letterbox alongside your regular post. This means there’s no need for you to be home or to arrange a safe delivery place!
Organza bag: A great choice if you’re giving the kit as a gift. The twisted skein of yarn is included with a folded pattern print plus a kit card in a sheer drawstring organza bag. The kit card gives advice of how to ball the yarn skein before starting, and links to my website for hints, tips and this FAQ. The organza bag may be used as a project bag for the kit while it is being made.
Gift box: The perfect choice if you wish to wrap the kit before giving it as a gift. The skein of yarn is untwisted and packaged on top of the pattern print in a recyclable cardboard gift box with cellophane window and kit card. The kit card gives advice of how to ball the yarn skein before starting, and links to my website for hints, tips and this FAQ.