Answers to the questions we are often asked:

My skein of Perran Yarn has arrived untwisted in a flat parcel; how do I twist it again to keep it tidy in my stash until I use it?

Single skeins of Perran Yarn are posted in a Large Letter box to minimise postage costs. A twisted skein doens’t fit into a Large Letter size, so I untwist the skein to send it. It’s quick and easy to retwist the yarn skein – here’s short video that shows you how!

Can I knit/crochet/weave directly from the skein?

No – if you try you’ll find that the skein very quickly becomes a tangled mess that will take a long time to recover! You need to wind the yarn skein into a ball first; here’s a great set of instructions showing how to do that.

I bought a yarn blank – do I need to wind it before I start to knit/crochet/weave from it?

A yarn blank is a skein of yarn that has been knitted before dyeing, to give a different dyed result. You can wind the yarn into a ball if you want to, but you don’t need to. You can simply pull on the loose end and pull; directly from the blank as you work your project. The yarn will be kinked but that’ doesn’t matter; once you wash & block your finished item the kinks will disappear.

I bought a pack of sari/chiffon ribbon – if it gets wet will the colour run?

I handdye the sari/chiffon silk ribbons in the same way as the silk blend yarns i.e. using professional Jacquard acid dyes and rinsing with Synthrapol to remove any excess. There may very occasionally be a slight tinge from some of the colourways if they get wet, but in general they should be colourfast.

I bought the Light & Lacy Shawl crochet pattern but I’m not sure how to do the setup rows – can you help?

Yes, I have done an illustrated blog post to get you started – see Light & Lacy Shawl Pattern Tips.