Answers to the questions we are often asked:

My skein of Perran Yarn has arrived untwisted in a flat parcel; how do I twist it again to keep it tidy in my stash until I use it?

Single skeins of Perran Yarn are posted in a Large Letter box to minimise postage costs. A twisted skein doens’t fit into a Large Letter siez, so I untwist the skein to send it. It’s quick and easy to retwist the yarn skein – here’s short video that shows you how!

Can I knit/crochet/weave directly from the skein?

No – if you try you’ll find that the skein very quickly becomes a tangled mess that will take a long time to recover! You need to wind the yarn skein into a ball first; here’s a great set of instructions showing how to do that.

I bought a yarn blank – do I need to wind it before I start to knit/crochet/weave from it?

A yarn blank is a skein of yarn that has been knitted before dyeing, to give a different dyed result. You can wind the yarn into a ball if you want to, but you don’t need to. You can simply pull on the loose end and pull; directly from the blank as you work your project. The yarn will be kinked but that’ doesn’t matter; once you wash & block your finished item the kinks will disappear.

I bought the Light & Lacy Shawl crochet pattern but I’m not sure how to do the setup rows – can you help?

Yes, I have done an illustrated blog post to get you started – see Light & Lacy Shawl Pattern Tips.