Bamboo fibres are extracted from bamboo plants grown primarily on the Asian continent, which have matured for at least 4 years. Bamboo plants grow very quickly, so are sustainable to cropping.

The bamboo timber is harvested, crushed and mixed with two common chemicals which dissolve then regenerate the bamboo cellulose to form the fibres, which can then be spun into yarn.

The yarn is very soft, durable, holds dye well and is very absorbent, making it a great choice for warm weather clothing.

Bamboo forest

Bamboo blend yarn

We currently stock a 4ply bamboo and linen blend yarn called 4ply Vegan.

We dye this using Procion MX dyes and the cold set method. Colourways are generally non-repeatable, so please ensure that you purchase the amount you need to finish your project.