Cashmere is famous for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality.

This is due to its extremely fine (dehaired) undercoat fibres produced around the neck of the cashmere goat, which are collected when they shed naturally in the spring.

Cashmere fibres are many times thinner than wool fibres, resulting in an ultrafine, high quality yarn. However this delicate yarn can ‘pill’ easily, and so is best suited to projects which will have less friction when worn, such as small cold-weather accessories.

Lightweight scarves, cowls, shawls, and hats are ideal projects for cashmere yarn.

cashmere goat

Hand-dyed yarns

The Perran Yarns range currently stocks a superfine cashmere yarn which is blended with baby alpaca and silk – Heavenly Lace.

With 1200metres per 100grams this can almost be classed as a cobweb lace yarn, suited to delicate lace projects.

We have many colourway options available, or can dye this to order in a colour combination of your choice – just contact us to discuss!