Linen yarn in made from the cellulose fibres of the flax plant; one of the oldest plants harvested by man. Linen was sometimes used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt.

After planting it is ready for harvesting after about 100 days. The stems are pulled up (preferably with the roots intact), dried and spun into linen thread.

Linen yarn is very strong and durable, and is actually stronger when wet than when dry. It has low elasticity, and can absorb a fair amount of water without feeling too damp. It is cool to the touch, smooth and gets softer with washing.

Flax plant for linen

Linen blend yarns

Our range includes two different linen blend yarns, both available in 100gram skeins:

  • Egyptian (DK and heavy lace) – baby alpaca, silk and linen
  • Vegan (4ply) – linen and bamboo

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