Yak yarn

Yak yarn is made from the downy undercoat of the Yak, which is a large bovine relative to cattle. The animals live mainly high up in the Himalayan region, the Tibetan plateau and some areas of Mongolia and Central Asia.

The down is naturally shed from the animal, dehaired and spun into yarn. It is comparable to cashmere in it’s softness and is warmer than merino wool.

We stock yak blends in 4ply and DK weights, shown below. The yarns are beautifully soft, and a delight to work with and wear.

A yak lying on grass

Hand-dyed yarns

Both the 4ply That Yak Sock and  DK Tibetan base yarn are a rich grey shade, so we hand dye them with our darker colourways. The yarns are also available in their natural undyed shade.

Take a look at our shop to see the colours currently available, or contact us if you’d like something specific.