It’s been an exciting time for new kits here at Perran Yarns, including our latest addition – the Rhombile Brioche Scarf knit kit!

The kit is a collaboration between us and Sandra Nesbitt of The Feminine Touch Designs. I hand dye the sumptuous Aran Merino Silk yarn and Sandra has designed this stunning scarf pattern to show off the yarn’s beautiful sheen and drape.

“I wanted something to show off Steph’s wonderful silky Aran yarn to full advantage.” – Sandra, Designer

The scarf kit includes 200grams of the beautiful blend of merino and silk yarn. The yarn is available in several gorgeous hand dyed colourways to match your favourite jackets.

Rhombile Brioche Scarf

What is Brioche knitting?

Brioche knitting is a distinctive technique that creates a raised textured ribbed fabric. It uses the same knit, purl, and slip stitches that you will already know, but in a different combination.

You’ll need to learn some new abbreviations and be sure to keep checking your progress as you start out. It’s not a beginner technique but it’s not something to be afraid of either! If you’re looking for a more challenging design to keep your interest throughout the project, then this is the ideal kit for you.

Brioche techniques result in a reversible fabric which can be knitted using one or two colours. The Rhombile Brioche Scarf is a single colour design.

If you’re new to Brioche knitting I recommend that you knit a couple of swatches before diving into your first project. That way you can become accustomed to the abbreviations required, and master the stitch combinations you’ll need.

We asked Sandra to tell us about her path to pattern design and some tips about knitting the Rhombile Brioche Scarf.

Over to you Sandra!

Tell us how you began designing knitwear

Sandra Nesbitt of The Feminine Touch Designs

Hi from Sandra, living in a little village just outside Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. 

Like Steph, my work life was in IT for many many years. I  loved designing, writing and testing computer programs, so you can see how and why I easily transferred my skills into knitting patterns!

But first I had to develop my knitting skills which I started doing about 10 years ago and haven’t finished yet!

What patterns do you have available and from where?

Back then I opened my Etsy store and started selling the knits I created. I wanted to ensure that I didn’t break any copyright laws so I also knit to my own patterns. It was friends from Etsy that convinced me to write down my patterns, get them tested and tech edited and sell via the Ravelry site, a great place for indie designers and dyers.

These are a couple of my 1st designs:-
Cotton Clothes Hanger Peg Bag pattern by Sandra Nesbitt  – knit for my daughter

Fair Isle Christmas Tree charts & cushion cover pattern by Sandra Nesbitt  – a great festive colourwork knit that you can adapt to your own tree size.

Fair Isle Christmas Tree by Sandra Nesbitt

How did the Rhombile Brioche Scarf design come about?

Rhombile inspiration

The Rhombile scarf is one of my latest Brioche designs; I wanted something to show off Steph’s wonderful silky Aran yarn to full advantage.

The Brioche technique is my favourite knitting technique. It’s one I can quite easily knit in front of the TV and the end results are always so sublime and feminine.  

My inspiration for the design came from the “Rhombileinspiration” image I found. I love perusing all over patterns that I can replicate in my knitting and this one seemed perfect for the job.

Do you have any tips for knitting the pattern?

The first ever Brioche scarf that I knitted started in a knitting workshop. It took me a week to knit as I kept pulling it back, every time I noticed a mistake a few rows down. It was an infuriating knit but I was determined to finish!

So my tips for you are:

  1. Put lifelines into your work on a regular basis
  2. Check your work after every row/round, right side and wrong side, look out for those Yarn overs that you haven’t knit in to
  3. Join my Learning Brioche with Sandra Facebook group

Thanks Sandra!

Rhombile Brioche Scarf

How do I order the Rhombile Brioche Scarf knit kit?

You can see and feel the Rhombile Brioche Scarf sample at our events, and purchase the kit whilst you’re there. If we don’t have your favourite colourway in stock you can pre-order it and we’ll dye it and post the kit to you soon after the show.

If you can’t make it to one of the yarn shows, you can buy the kit online. For orders to UK addresses, hop over to my online shop. Orders outside the UK can be placed via my Etsy shop.

Choose your favourite colourway from the options available, then how you’d like the yarn put up. You can choose either the yarn in skeins to wind yourself, or wound into yarn cakes ready to start knitting as soon as you open your kit!

When I receive your order I’ll choose it from my stock or dye your colourway in my next available dye schedule slot if required. If there’s likely to be a delay, I’ll let you know by email.

Please note – emails will be sent from
If you don’t receive them please check your Junk or Spam folder as they may have been moved there without you realising.

When you receive your kit, I’d love to see your progress and how you got along with the Brioche technique! Tag @perranyarns along with #rhombilebrioche on Instagram or Facebook to show off your projects.

Happy knitting!
Steph x

Why you will love knitting Brioche