Apparently it’s National Stationary Week – who knew?! It’s new to me, but it’s made me think about computers versus paper.

Most of my day is spent on a computer – 4 days each week I work on a laptop in the IT department of a local College. At home I use my laptop for listing yarns in my online shop, communicating with customers and retailers via email and social media, recording my accounts, etc.
My trusty notebook
But I always have a notepad and pen by the side of the laptop.

Nothing quite beats scribbling a quick note for a reminder to do something later, or to sketch an idea for a new pattern.

I have notepads in my knitting and crochet project bags, scrap paper torn into squares for notes and shopping lists in the kitchen (a great way to use the backs of all those letters from school!), and a very precious notebook dedicated to my yarn dyeing lots and colourways.

I’ve recently moved to using very lovely hardback notebooks – why not enjoy the experience if I’m going to use them constantly?

Stupid Cats notepads

To celebrate National Stationary Week there are some great promotions going on  – not least from a very lovely fellow Etsian StupidCats, who has a fabulous discount on her kitty print notebooks. Ideal!

National Stationary Week