8 helpful tips when you are knitting the Flowery Infinity Scarf

Starting a new knitting project can feel both exciting and daunting at the same time! This is especially so if you are going to be trying some new knitting techniques or stitches. The Flowery Infinity Scarf looks impressive but it’s a lot easier to knit than you may think! In this post I’ll give you the tips you need to enjoy making the Flowery Infinity Scarf kit with confidence.

The Flowery Infinity Scarf: The story of a knitting kit

The beautiful Flowery Infinity Scarf was designed exclusively for Perran Yarns by The Feminine Touch and is actually part of a knitting kit I created for the shop. 

I wanted something that would show off our amazingly soft baby alpaca/linen/silk blend yarn. It had to be open and airy, to show off the drape and luxurious feel of the yarn. I have worked with Sandra Nesbitt, the knitwear designer behind The Feminine Touch on several patterns now and so it was an easy choice when thinking about how best to show off this particular yarn, and to bring you something new and exciting to knit.

Flowery Infinity Scarf Kit in colourway Sunset Party
Flowery Infinity Scarf Kit in colourway Sunset Party

The Flowery Infinity Scarf kit includes the written pattern and one skein of Egyptian double knitting yarn (DK) in a colour of your choosing.

DK Egyptian yarn in cool colourways DK Egyptian yarn in warm colourways

As you can see there is plenty of choice in colour!

All about the yarn

I’d like to tell you about the yarn, and why it’s such a great choice for this design. The pattern was originally designed specifically for the DK Egyptian yarn included. DK Egyptian is a DK-weight luxurious blend of 50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Linen, and 25% Silk.

It is incredibly easy to work with – smooth and not splitty. It really takes to lace stitches easily, because of the structure that the linen gives the yarn twists.

The silk content gives a drape that means the scarf falls lightly around your neck, without feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

Additionally, the baby alpaca fibre in the yarn is super soft and warm. This combination makes the yarn a perfect choice to wear equally in winter or on those cooler summer evenings.

“Beautiful yarn & lovely, easy to follow pattern for the Flowery Infinity Scarf kit. Can’t wait to get knitting. Really fast delivery too.”

~ Jo W. 30 Apr, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

8 simple tips for knitting the Flowery Infinity Scarf Kit

There are a few tips that will make your experience of knitting this kit much easier. I want to let you know these tips to make sure your knit is something you will treasure forever. You may even decide you want to make more as gifts!

  1. You will need to knit using circular needles

    You cannot knit this pattern on straight needles. The design is worked around in a circle with many stitches and few rows. After each pattern repeat, the start of the of it is moved across to offset the flowers. It’s not possible to accomplish this on straight needles. 

  2. Wrap loosely

    On the ‘wrap’ rounds, ensure that you wrap the yarn LOOSELY around the thickest part of the needle for the wrap stitches. Do not pull the stitches tight when you slide them onto the cable. The linen blend yarn has very little stretch, so this is important, so as to allow the yarn room to fall open into the flower elements as you drop the wraps in the next row.

  3. If your wrapping feels tight

    If it feels like the wrapped stitches are stuck on the needle after the first ‘wrap’ round, gently massage them back onto the other needle with your fingers as you work the next round. It may take a little jiggling but you will find that this eases the wraps, allowing you to move them across the needle end, cable and the next needle as you knit circularly. If you find your tension is really tight, then go back and loosen it through reknitting those wraps.

  4. Worried you have too many stitches?

    The ‘wrap’ round increases the stitch count massively, so don’t panic, that is correct! On the next round you will drop all these extra stitches and return to the original stitch count.

  5. Struggling with the first full pattern repeat?

    You will probably find the first pattern repeat is a bit of a struggle but please do not be put off. It will settle down and become a lot easier as you do the other repeats, more intuitive if you like – and the finished scarf is so worth it! 

  6. Do not cut the yarn

    You will need the full skein of yarn to finish the scarf to its intended size, so don’t cut the yarn during the project. 

  7. Cast off loosely

    When you have finished knitting, cast off in the standard way. Keep the stitches fairly loose so as not to create a tight edge to your scarf. This will allow for easy blocking.

  8. Do you need to fully block the finished scarf?

    Full blocking, with pins and a backing board is not essential. However I do find that a final bit of TLC evens out the knitting and ensures your new scarf looks its best. To block, simply wet the scarf, squeeze out excess water gently, then drape it gently over an airer or similar to dry fairly flat.


Where is the Flowery Infinity Scarf kit available?

The Flowery Infinity Scarf knit kit is available right here in my online shop for UK orders, or from my Etsy shop for international orders.

The kit includes the yarn and a printed illustrated copy of the pattern. The only other thing you will need is a 10mm circular needle, which I can also supply.

If you have any other questions about the Flowery Infinity Scarf kit, contact me and I’ll add further tips to this post.

Happy knitting!
Steph x

Flowery Infinity Scarf knitting pattern tips
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