Another new yarn is making an appearance at Cornwoolly in less than 2 weeks time! Meet Sport Suri – a sportweight 50/50 Suri alpaca and merino blend yarn.

So what exactly is suri alpaca?

Suri alpacas are part of the camelid family, but make up less than 10% of the world alpaca population, with the remainder being Huacaya alpaca. The visible difference is the type of fleece: Suri alpaca fleece hangs in long lustrous dreadlocks whereas the Huacaya alpaca have a curly fleece resembling a teddy bear!

The Huacaya fibre has a more natural elasticity when spun into yarn, while Suri fibre fetches a higher price on the international market.

Our Sport Suri merino blend is a beautifully warm yarn, which dyes well. It looks and feels lovely knitted into our lacy Triangle Trellis Shawl pattern, which is free with the yarn purchase or can be bought from our Etsy shop. The easy knitting pattern uses just one skein of sportweight yarn and an easy lacy stitch design to create a warm and beautiful scarf. The secret is in the blocking, which can increase the overall finished size by up to one third!

This yarn will work equally well for crochet and weaving, so why not take a browse through the vast library of Ravelry crochet patterns for some inspiration? Once you’ve found your ideal next project, make a note of the yarn requirements to bring along to your next yarn show so you know what you’re shopping for.

The two beautiful finished samples of the shawl shown above will be displayed at Cornwoolly, along with a few different colourways of the Suri Sport yarn to choose from. I hope to see you there!

Sport Suri alpaca merino blend yarn
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